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Posted Wed, 28 Apr 2010

Merger Announced for Two Iowa Community Blood Centers

The Blood Center of Iowa and Siouxland Community Blood Bank, two strong Iowa-based, not-for-profit blood centers, have officially merged operations and will now be known as LifeServe Blood Center.  After a comprehensive benefit analysis study, the decision to merge operations was made official on April 1, 2010.  This decision marks a positive move forward in the centers’ ability to counter-act the rising costs of healthcare by providing hospital customers with lower blood costs and additional value-added benefits.     

While the individual names of the blood centers will change to LifeServe Blood Center during the next 12 months, donors will notice little difference in the superior customer service and community outreach programs to which they are accustomed.  Both blood centers will continue their focus on serving the needs of the community through volunteer blood donor programs and will maintain their local presence at nine different donor centers and the hundreds of mobile blood drives held throughout the tri-state region.

By joining operations, representatives from both organizations believe the blood centers can help contain healthcare costs by lowering the cost of a unit of blood for hospital customers through the consolidation of similar functions such as technical and medical expertise, information technology and human resource practices.  Uniting operations also provides enhanced market competitiveness for the acquisition of blood banking equipment, supplies, and blood testing protocols. 

“As healthcare costs continue to rise, it is important for us to preserve our community assets by being good stewards of our resources.  Merging operations allows us to provide hospitals with quality blood and blood products in the most cost effective way,” said Stacy Sime, CEO for LifeServe Blood Center.  “It makes sense to combine efforts in areas where we both offered similar services.  Over the years, our centers have developed a presence within the community that garners the support we rely on from blood donors and blood drive sponsor groups.  As we move forward with LifeServe, it is crucial for us to continue to maintain that same level of support and retain the community’s trust in our ability to provide a safe, adequate blood supply,” Sime added.   

Stacy Sime will serve as President/CEO for LifeServe Blood Center and Jan Twait has been named Executive Vice President for the organization.  LifeServe Blood Center will collect approximately 156,000 units of blood from volunteer blood donors each year in a tri-state region that serves a total of 87 hospitals in Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota.  The organization retained all employees during the merger process and will employ roughly 385 staff members. 

A series of celebration events are being planned over the course of the next several months to introduce the LifeServe name and corporate identity to donors and the general public.  More information about the specifics of these events will be announced in the coming weeks.